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I get so far from the bottom could'nteven see the top just as soon as a fill the trap I'm rippin up every block I'm a good god fearin man with a criminal mind state ain't nobody gave a shit and that's why we grind weight my grandma off in the church while I'm in the refrigerater in search of the baking soda right next to the mashed potatoes she prayin for better days I'm prayin they take this water realest and stun and ship put that day on my mothers daughter...

My ambitions as a hustla (I won't deny it I'm a straight hustla. I won't deny it) [x4]

It's Mr.Trap or die yeah you'll remember me first album was a classic them critics werent feelin me now as far as award shows we all know how that goes so what's all the doubt about because he ain't sellin out because he ain't givin up because he don't give a fuck because he ain't changin up I guess he ain't lean enough and just know I'm savin up let you play with my sanity gives a fuck what you think of me unless you feedin my family mother fuck all my enemies one time for my mini me's listen to these niggas I bet you hear plenty me I'm who they pretend to be the one they pretend to do see me I'm a hustla I do what my hustlaz do...

My ambitions as a hustla (I won't deny it I'm a straight hustla. I won't deny it) [x4]

Might not just be the best just know I plan to be I refuse to let suckers win but that's just the man in me look it could be the G in me these niggas ain't seein me unless they seein me in traffic... I say I grind like there's 10 of me I swear to god there's just one of me look I know I ain't there yet just know that I'm gonna be I could'ntwait to see the day I could change where my momma stay... I put the bullshit BEHIND ME... THERES TOO MUCH MONEY IN FRONT OF ME... is NOT affiliated with young jeezy at all we are a 100% independant fan site supporting the artist, all pictures are from respectable media source only and promo only, if you have any questions please email the site admin.



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