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August 7th 2009 -

Young Jeezy talks about his new album.


March 27th 2009

Young jeezy Monday mixtapes talks about some of the new
artists in the game, Jeezy just dropped his new album
shiel gang two along with his CTE street team jeezy is doing things.
Growing his brand name all around the USA and worldwide.


February 20th 2009

Young Jeezy Announces The Black House Mixtape, Young jeezy has also Invited the out spoker
Bill O'Reilly To His Neighborhood for a goon and hood interview with jeezy

Young Jeezy has announced plans to make the new mixtape called The Black House,
Thug Mansion along with offers an invites to television host Bill O Reilly to visit his city for an interview.

The tracklist for the new mixtap will be on here soon and we will keep you posted on the latest.

Also Ludacris, Jim Jones & Young Jeezy Bid T.I. "Farewell" Tonight before TI is locked up..

More news soon!!! please book mark young jeezy .us for all the latest news on jeezy.



February 5th 2009

Young Jeezy teams up with Belvedere Vodka.




O'Reilly Factor Bill blasts Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, Obama and Vermont

Apparently The O'Reilly Factor was responding to more than just the song lyrics.
Actually, the clip they used on the show had Young Jeezy saying that
wanted to thank (1) the man who threw shoes at President Bush, and (2)
the individuals who were helping move the former President out of the White
House because "his president is mutha*uckin' Black".


The clip then showed Jay-Z
speaking the portion of his verse where he talks about no more white lies,
because his president is black then young jeezy breaks into the song my president. Alot of people were very disappointed in
Mr. Snowman aka Young Jeezy.


January 21st 2009

Young jeezy My President...

Young jeezy teamed up with non other then Jay Z for a
special club appearance in Washington DC on the stage at the club
Love in the nations capital.
The concert called "concert on the eve of change" saw a special barac obama
remix of the track "my president"


December 24th 2008

Ti and young jeezy team up for a concert in Memphis -

The two super star rappers have a line of concerts with decent prices,
lined up over the holiday season. Jeezy with a swagger of hits this year.
And Ti with many number 1 smash hits on a worldwide level has seen allot of
albums been sold both digitally and in store.
This concert is a must for any JEEZY or TI fan.

December 24th 2008

Young jeezy does a good deed giving Christmas gifts to Atlanta children.

Young jeezy has show Christmas cheer giving out toys and shoes to
children of atlanta, jeezy who does the same thing every year shows
that he is not just a gangster but also some one who cares about the hoods
kids. Young Jeezy will also go door to door giving out gifts to kids who
live in the projects. Jeezy Really put on for his city Respect to him.


November 16th 2008

Young Jeezy Volunteers At Texas Food Kitchen

Young jeezy has spent the night helping out the community
at the Tommie M. Allen Recreation Community Center.

Jeezy has been giving alot back to the community in recent times
with his back 2 school give away.

He and CTE have also been handing out food to the local community.

IUts great to see Young Jeezy doing his thing for the community.

November 14th 2008

Young Jeezy to tour with TI and Ludacris,
Nothing is confirmed yet but their is strong talk
of a tour featuring young jeezy, TI and ludacris
it would be a sell out that's for sure with the 3 huge
hip hop stars taking up the stage in various states.
we will keep you posted on this.

September 14th 2008
Young Jeezy Blown Away By Recession's #1 Debut: 'It Feels Good
260,000 people scraped together their pennies to buy the new LP,
which grabbed the #1 spot on the SoundScan charts Wednesday Sept 10.


August 19th 2008


tracklist Young Jeezys third album The Recession

1. Young Jeezy - “The Recession (Intro)” (DJ Toomp)
2. Young Jeezy - “Welcome Back” (DJ Squeeky)
3. Young Jeezy - “By the Way” (Terry “TA” Allen)
4. Young Jeezy - “Crazy World” (Midnight Black)
5. Young Jeezy - “What They Want” (Midnight Black)
6. Young Jeezy - “Amazin’” (Drumma Boy)
7. Young Jeezy - “Hustlaz Ambition” (Drumma Boy)
8. Young Jeezy - “Who Dat” (Shawty Redd & D. Rich)
9. Young Jeezy - “Don’t You Know” (Midnight Black)
10. Young Jeezy - “Circulate” (Don Cannon)
11. Young Jeezy - “Word Play” (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
12. Young Jeezy - “Vacation” (The Inkredibles)
13. Young Jeezy - “Everything” featuring Anthony Hamilton and Lil Boosie (Simon Gidewon, Wolsey David Thomas, & Metkel Deglel)
14. Young Jeezy - “Takin’ It There” featuring Trey Songz (Fat Boi)
15. Young Jeezy - “Don’t Do It” (DJ Pain 1)
16. Young Jeezy - “Put On” featuring Kanye West (Drumma Boy)
17. Young Jeezy - “Get Allot” (Crown Kingz Productions)
18. Young Jeezy - “My President” featuring Nas (Tha Bizness)
19. Young Jeezy - “Put On (Remix)” featuring Jay-Z
20. Young Jeezy - “Done It”
21. Young Jeezy - “Showtime”


August 12th 2008


Young Jeezy - "Crazy World" Second Single Off "The Recession




The Snowman mixes serious topics with party anthems on September second to hit the streets.

Mr September two" Young Jeezy joked Monday night that he's changing his nickname until his
upcoming album, The Recession drops later this year.

He held a small listening session for his third LP at Katra Lounge. He's upgraded himself
lyrically and spread himself out thematically,
while the beats have a sinister, Dark Knight like edge to them.
On holidays he talks about going home to get back to reality and feeling most comfortable
around his people. I am minding my business,
why are people hatin" he asks on the track. I keep it too real, why are people faking.

The title track begins with a woman complaining about the high price of gasoline and struggling
with other monetary problems. "The rich get richer,
the poor get poorer"

Jeezy comes in and promises to give everybody hope. Even he has to pray aloud in these tough
times: "Wish I had me some money I wouldd buy me some
better luck."

"Crazy World" revolves around the wild reality of Young Jeezy someone with riches to spare but,
despite his great intentions, can not save the whole
world. Top on his priority list is helping an ailing aunt in need of a kidney transplant.

Young describes I am Amazing as the new national trap star anthem.

"My President's Black" has been long talked about but only heard by a select few. It's definitely
one of the album's deepest records, but you
can't let yourself be fooled by the hook, on which he boasts, "My president's black, My Lambo's
blue I will be goddamned if my rims ain't too."

Jeezy's stunti' game is indeed up, but he also speaks from the perspective of the people when
he talks about what his ideal commander in chief
would need to accomplish. "We need a miracle, he raps. I say a miracle.



Young Jeezy-Louie Bag Official Music Video


Jeezy doing big things with the usher feat jeezy love in this club music video on track its a huge sucess.



 Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles may be dating hip hop artist Young Jeezy.

One of our spies saw the two artists looking very friendly at the opening of 40/40  Vagas  last week., "Solange and Jeezy were in a group talking just like friends. But later on in the night, and after a few drinks, they looked a lot more than friends ... Solange was apparently even sitting on his lap."

Who knew that Solange liked bad ones.


30th January 2008

 Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles may be dating hip hop artist Young Jeezy.

One of our spies saw the two artists looking very friendly at the opening of 40/40  Vagas  last week., "Solange and Jeezy were in a group talking just like friends. But later on in the night, and after a few drinks, they looked a lot more than friends ... Solange was apparently even sitting on his lap."

Who knew that Solange liked bad ones...


30th January 2008

Young Jeezy Brings Early Christmas to Dirty’s Children
Monday, December 17, 2007
By: Michael Ivey

Young JeezyPlatinum selling Young Jeezy “Snowman” and his Corporate Thugz Entertainment family, in league with clothing line 8732, December 17 commence a week-long toy drive and charity event series in Jeezy’s native Georgia.

30th January 2008


The jewelry that he has been flossing around town is NOT HIS, it's [one of my family members] jewelry and Jezzy was suppose to buy it but couldn't afford the price and wanted to be put on a "payment plan" - which my [family member] did not agree to.

Now he is ducking and dodging my [family member] and WILL NOT return the jewelry. Jezzy has even wore my [family member's] jewelry in his latest video

30th January 2008

The 'Toyz N Da Hood' toy drive to start Monday in Atlanta.

Multi-platinum Def Jam recording artist, Young Jeezy is giving back to the community this holiday season. ‘Toyz N Da Hood' is a weeklong toy drive spearheaded by the rapper, his label, Corporate Thugz Entertainment, 8732 and DeAngelo Hall from the Atlanta Falcons.

The goal is to present 1,000 toys to 1,000 kids between December 17th and December 24th, in various parts of the Atlanta area.

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